Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Near Me

Your oral health can affect your overall health. Certain disorders can disrupt sleep which increases the risk of health problems, anxiety and accidents. All About Sleep, serving Westland, MI, can offer you a sleep apnea mouthpiece to help you get better sleep. A sleep apnea mouthpiece can help with snoring and breathing if you wake up gasping for air or wake up feeling tired always.

Exceptional Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece Service

Sleep apnea is the tongue and soft tissues block air from entering your lungs. If the amount of oxygen in your blood drops too low, your brain alerts your body to unblock the airway by tightening the throat muscles. Sometimes a sleep apnea mouthpiece can be a solution for you by wearing a custom fitted mouthpiece to keep your airway open while you sleep.

Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece From All About Sleep

All About Sleep, serving Westland, MI, will take the time to sit with you and talk about sleep apnea mouthpiece that will work best for you. There are many different sleep apnea mouthpieces so it is important for a professional to properly exam you to know which type will work for you best. To learn more call us at (734) 259-6633 or contact us online.