Mandibular Advancement Devices

mandibularAvancementDevice  Oral Sleep Appliances mandibularAvancementDeviceThe most common type of oral sleep appliance is a mandibular advancement device. It fits over your upper and lower teeth and holds your lower jaw (mandible)slightly forward as your sleep. This keeps your airway open by pulling the tongue and soft tissues forward, keeping them stable and firm. A dentist with experience treating snoring and sleep apnea – or one who focuses on dental sleep medicine- helps create a customized oral appliance.

Talk to Dr. Salah for further information about OSA and treatment with an oral appliance.

Adjustable PM Positioner™

adjustablePMPositioner  Oral Sleep Appliances adjustablePMPositionerPermanently connected splints provide maximum occlusal-vertical support and ample tongue space.

Note: Best for patients with lingual tori, narrow arches, lingually tipped teeth or large tongues.


somnodent  Oral Sleep Appliances somnodentSeparate upper and lower,full coverage, clasp-retained splints provide comfort and freedom with normal mouth opening.Also available in FLEX.

Note: Best for patients desiring functional freedom and for those with lingual tori, narrow arches,lingually tipped teeth or large tongues.


EMA  Oral Sleep Appliances EMAEMA has separate upper and lower splints connected by interchangeable,with ample lateral movement and tongue space.

Note: Best for patients experiencing dentition changes.