Think You May Need An Oral Sleep Appliance?

Your oral health can affect your overall health. Certain disorders can disrupt sleep which increases the risk of health problems, anxiety and accidents. You may find yourself clenching or grinding on your teeth throughout the day or at night. This issue can strain the muscles of your jaw, neck, and head which can cause headaches and jaw pains. If you suffer with any of these problems then you may need an oral sleep appliance. Oral sleep appliance can help with snoring, sleeping, breathing, teeth grinding, migraines and if you wake up gasping for air.

Oral Sleep Appliance – Benefits

There are many benefits and different ways of using an oral sleep appliance. The most common type of oral sleep appliance is a mandibular advancement device. This device fits over your upper and lower teeth that can treat snoring and sleep apnea. Oral sleep appliances can be used for many oral issues that can solve numerous issues. It is important to talk to a professional doctor to learn more on how an oral sleep appliance can help you.

More Information On Oral Sleep Appliance

Are you struggling with oral sleep appliance symptoms? If so it is important to contact our professional team to learn if an oral sleep appliance is needed to treat your symptoms. There are many ways of treating oral sleep symptoms that can change your life for the better. To learn more contact our office today at (734) 259-6633 or visit us online.