CPAP Machine For Breathing Issues

Your oral health can affect your overall health. Certain disorders can disrupt sleep which increases the risk of health problems, anxiety and accidents. If you suffer with sleep apnea you can stop breathing, briefly, multiple times when your airways get blocked. A CPAP machine will help you sleep better while getting continuous positive airway pressure. CPAP machine can also help with snoring, sleeping, breathing, migraines and if you wake up gasping for air.

CPAP Machine – Better Sleep

At All About Sleep if we see that you are a good candidate for a CPAP machine then we highly encourage you to try it and use it. At first it may take some getting used to sleeping with something on your face but most of our clients don’t find a problem with it. Depending on your situation a CPAP machine can be a nasal mask or a full mask that covers your mouth and nose. Some people worry about the noise of the machine. The CPAP machine noise in the new ones is very quiet and the pressure will be customized to your needs.

CPAP Machine From All About Sleep

If you feel that you may need a CPAP machine because of your symptoms then visit us to learn more. There are many ways of treating oral sleep symptoms that can change your life for the better and a CPAP machine is one of them. To learn more contact our office today at (734) 259-6633 or contact us online.